5. Token Economy Participation Policy

  1. Philosophy of THE9 Token Economy

The fundamental philosophy of THE9 Token's cryptocurrency economy is to establish a DAO Society that embraces the principles of a sharing economy, promoting equal opportunities and value creation for all participants.

  1. Equal Profit Sharing

In line with the DAO Society concept, all profits resulting from the appreciation of THE9 token's value should be prioritized and distributed equitably among all participants in the cryptocurrency economy.

  1. Fair Participation Process

The participation process, starting from the initial token distribution, is designed to be fair, ensuring that the value generated from the outset is fairly shared with all ecosystem participants who contributed to its development.

  1. Token Unlocking Policy

THE9 tokens allocated to employees, advisors, investors, partners, and other relevant parties of the Foundation and management company will be subject to unlocking by the approval of the Board of Directors, as per the Foundation's operating regulations. These tokens will then be included in the circulating supply.

  1. Value Creation and Sustainability

The value creation within the ecosystem encompasses not only the value generated through the use of THE9 tokens or its market value increase but also the outcomes of value creation attributed to the efforts of the management team. This ensures that the essence of the sharing philosophy of the DAO Society remains intact, even if surplus value is unlocked from the reserve amount according to the Foundation's policy.

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