(1) THE9 Development Purpose

The purpose of this project is to provide a mileage token system for payment support for customers who earn mileage and customer marketing support for franchisees (stores), to support the business development of franchisees, and to provide customers who use stores with the awareness that consumption can be an economic activity (KIOSK TO EARN, K2E) that can earn income, thereby building an ecosystem based on the philosophy of sharing economy and normalizing DAO activism.

Customers (Customers who earn and use THE9 tokens and customers who invest)

THE9 Token supports mileage accumulation and usage on all KIOSKs, dedicated devices, and affiliated e-wallets, and the use of other tokens through other swap platforms, and provides participation methods and opportunities to earn real income through consumption behavior.

Franchisee (store installing the KIOSK)

Provides mileage services that can be used for free without paying a fee to the platform operator that provides related services, and provides service-related technologies that help franchisees improve their stable operation and sales through the provision of various services that analyze product sales information related to consumer purchases of products sold by franchisees.

Global use of THE9 Mileage

We develop mileage tokens using blockchain technology and support the operation of systems and services so that mileage earned through KIOSKs between merchants around the world can be integrated and used for free, which helps the operation of merchants and provides fair compensation for customers who have earned mileage for their selective consumption behavior.

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