System Structure

System Structure

a. Merchant and Member System Operation Structure

Step 1

Install THE9 Token Integrated Mileage KIOSK at the merchant store, providing mileage rewards to customers making purchases.

Step 2

Members subscribe to THE9 Mileage service, installing a user app to accumulate and use mileage received from the store.

Step 3

If the member receives mileage in THE9 tokens, they can sign up for a linked virtual asset exchange through the mileage user app. (Optional: Choose from agreed crypto exchanges linked to THE9 Token Foundation).

Step 4

Earned mileage gets credited in THE9 tokens to the linked member's account.

Step 5

To use earned mileage, members select products through the KIOSK in the store via the mileage user app, deducting mileage value from the product's cost.

Step 6

Members can cash out THE9 tokens earned from the merchant by selling them on the registered virtual asset exchange or purchase more THE9 tokens if needed.

b. THE9 mileage settlement with THE9 tokens from merchants

Step 1

Verify the total amount of THE9 token mileage accumulated by the merchant and paid to the member during a specific period. If the accumulated amount is less than the total amount used by the member, an automatic settlement and operation will take place.

Step 2

If the member's total mileage usage exceeds the total mileage accumulated by the store within a specific period, settlement will be done based on the merchant's settlement request.

The member store checks the total amount of THE9 token mileage payment and the total amount of member usage through the KIOSK management program provided by THE9.

If the member's total usage is higher, they request settlement (settlement is only done upon the merchant's request).

THE9 token mileage used by the member is returned to the foundation upon usage, and for the total member usage exceeding the amount paid by the store, the foundation purchases the token at the usage value and pays the purchase price to the member store.

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