(4) Utilization of Big Data

Nature of Big Data

The nature of big data in THE9 Token ecosystem involves collecting various customer purchase information and behavioral data based on the consumer's product purchase information stored by the merchant.

As a reward for sharing their purchase information, the merchant pays mileage to consumers, which can be exchanged for products sold within the ecosystem.

The big data acquired by franchisees, including consumer purchase information and behavioral data, helps them enhance their services and sales strategies, while consumers are compensated with mileage tokens for profit sharing as the franchisee's value increases.

The data collected includes individual item purchase information by menu and information related to consumer preferences, SNS participation, and other behaviors that contribute to store operations and the ecosystem's development and expansion. Overall, utilizing big data is essential for driving personalized experiences, optimizing offerings, and fostering sustainable growth within the ecosystem.

Franchisee data (Valuable ecosystem asset)

Analyzing Ingredient Information: By analyzing ingredient demand based on factors like the day of the week and weather, the system can optimize the supply of ingredients to meet the specific needs of franchisees.

Trend Analysis for Sales Volume: The ecosystem can analyze sales trends for different menu items. Utilizing this data, a social commerce service can be provided, allowing the purchase of discounted products if necessary, which are then sold through store KIOSKs. This helps support the financial operations of the stores.

Providing Sales/Revenue Information: Financial institutions can receive sales and revenue information from the ecosystem. This supports merchants with insufficient credit information by facilitating their financial business.

Facilitating Barter Transactions: The ecosystem can provide information about bartering opportunities between merchants, enabling them to benefit from exchanging goods with each other.

Supporting Various Services: The data is utilized to offer a range of services within the ecosystem. By sharing information and opening up opportunities, the ecosystem is developed further, fostering growth and expansion.

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