4. THE9 KIOSK Platform

What is KIOSK ?

A kiosk is a self-service interactive terminal or booth that allows users to access various services, information, or products. It typically features a touch screen interface and may offer options for payments, ticketing, information retrieval, ordering, and more. Kiosks are commonly used in various settings such as retail stores, airports, hotels, restaurants, and public spaces to enhance customer convenience and streamline operations. They play a crucial role in providing quick and efficient services, reducing wait times, and improving overall customer experiences.

Mom & Pop Store KIOSK

Our KIOSK is tailored for small businesses, providing a free operating platform. Integrated with mileage and a pre-sale voucher system, it boosts revenue models and engages customers with loyalty rewards and promotions.


Installed in hotel rooms, it offers a seamless way to deliver specialty products and tickets to tourist attractions. By integrating with hotel services like room service, it creates new revenue streams for hotels.

Local Specialty KIOSK

Collaborating with governments, farmers, and fishermen, we sell unique regional products. Strategically placed in densely populated areas and tourist spots, we even offer home delivery for added convenience.

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