(3) Progress on building THE9 Token Ecosystem

In the first phase of our project, we are expanding the existing store-exclusive mileage service, provided to customers using KIOSKs installed in franchise stores nationwide, to a unified usage service accessible anywhere in the country.

Operation Policy Explanation

The initial project involves expanding the mileage service, commonly provided to customers who use stores, into an global usage service available nationwide. We aim to target merchants with KIOSKs installed across the country.

By transforming the value of mileage from store-exclusive marketing to global usage, we increase its worth in the eyes of customers as "money when collected." This, in turn, leads to more customers visiting the merchant operator's stores, ultimately boosting sales for the merchants.

Through this approach, consumers recognize stores as economic activities that earn income through selective behavior, and merchants reward consumers for such behavior, creating a value-sharing system that benefits both parties.

THE9 mileage business using THE9 token will recruit merchants nationwide, engage consumers as members through KIOSKs, build an ecosystem with THE9 mileage held by members, direct THE9 mileage members to merchant operators, and provide K2E (KIOSK To Earn) services, where mileage provided by merchants becomes real income for members.

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