THE9 WP 3.1 Update

Innovations in Whitepaper 3.1 to complement Whitepaper 3.0

THE9 Token Economy, built around the innovative THE9 token, aligns with the philosophy of DAO, a blockchain ecosystem that strives for fairness and equal distribution of opportunities. Through the creation of THE9 Token Economy, we aim to establish an ecosystem where every participant can enjoy a fair chance and equitable value sharing.

To achieve this vision, a unified infrastructure with integrated ownership, operation, control, and decision-making authority is crucial. Without such unified authority, the decentralized structure of THE9 Token Economy faces criticism for potential issues that may arise from a lack of centralized governance, which could lead to the tragedy of the commons in a shared economy.

To address this challenge, THE9 introduces an infrastructural model that applies a commercial economic approach, leveraging a revolutionary kiosk system and the connection between users and consumers through mileage. This model grants THE9 comprehensive authority, including ownership and independent operation rights, as well as control over global monitoring and management.

By utilizing the rich data generated from consumer purchase information and store-specific sales data, stored on the blockchain and made accessible to all, THE9 Token Economy stimulates the creation of new businesses and contributes to the benefits of both consumers and service providers (stores). The platform tokenizes the store mileage offered to consumers based on their purchases, enabling seamless use and transactions across stores, regions, and countries, all without barriers.

To ensure transparency, the platform integrates with virtual asset exchanges and wallets, recording mileage issuance and usage information on the blockchain. This creates a fair and transparent environment where everyone can easily accumulate and use mileage in their daily lives.

In pursuing the realization of DAO values, THE9 Token Economy establishes a shared economy marketplace by fostering an interconnected relationship between service providers and consumers through payment and rewards. The platform builds a kiosk infrastructure that facilitates easy participation and usage for all participants, creating an environment where all involved parties can receive equitable benefits. To achieve this, THE9 provides mileage systems free of charge to service providers, allowing them to establish lasting relationships with consumers. Through the mileage system, consumers who accumulate mileage can use it across all stores worldwide, transcending national boundaries, thanks to the utilization of blockchain technology.

Additionally, THE9 offers physical tokens as a tangible representation of THE9 mileage, breaking down barriers to unified use among stores. This activation of THE9 Token Economy encourages global usage, creating a natural ecosystem that transcends all national borders.

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