(1) THE9 Token Operation Policy

User Stability

Ensuring the lasting value of exchangeable goods available at stores where THE9 token mileage can be redeemed is paramount.

The value of THE9 token mileage should be universally usable, irrespective of token value fluctuations, to ensure stable utilization of accumulated mileage.

Merchant Acceptance

Encouraging more merchants (stores) to accept THE9 tokens as mileage is essential for widespread adoption.

Sustaining a sufficient number of customers utilizing the service aids merchant operations, and the exchange value of mileage should be based on the fiat currency evaluation of exchange products in the country of store operation.

Foundation's Perspective

The THE9 token foundation aims to promote a diverse range of universal uses for the mileage service.

Stability in usage, regardless of token value changes, is a key consideration.

Increasing the user base enhances the token's use value and attracts a larger pool of investors.

Supporting Customer Marketing

Supporting various customer marketing programs utilizing big data empowers merchants to attract more customers to use KIOSKs and boost sales, thereby enhancing the use value and universality of THE9 token.

Ensuring Stability of Use

Establishing a commodity exchange entity responsible for exchanging goods at all times, independent of the total token value in circulation, is crucial to maintain stable, long-term usage despite value volatility.

Token Stability Approach

Unlike tokens that rely on deposit policies with fiat currency or virtual assets to guarantee value and payment stability, THE9 token operates on a structure that guarantees exchange for goods at participating stores, which provide mileage to customers.

This structure ensures the total value of exchanged goods remains constant regardless of THE9 token value fluctuations, thereby reducing extreme token volatility.

Increasing the number of stores offering THE9 mileage and users earning and using THE9 mileage leads to an increase in the number of exchange products guaranteed by the stores. The value of these products remains consistent with the time of earning, irrespective of token value changes.

By adopting a market-driven autonomous guarantee policy instead of a foundation's value guarantee policy, the value of THE9 tokens can be evaluated or maintained based on the value of exchange products provided by participating stores.

As the number of participants holding and using THE9 tokens grows, the total value of exchange products paid by stores that provided mileage increases, fostering a virtuous cycle that expands the ecosystem through THE9 token policy.

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