(2) Token Structure

To support store marketing by enabling the integrated use of mileage used for customer marketing between stores, and to develop a mileage token that is guaranteed by the store to be exchanged for goods at the store when the mileage provided by the store to the customer is used, and that can be transferred or traded to others without being lost if the mileage held by an individual is not used.

1️⃣ ERC-20

ERC-20 is a standardized protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that enables easy creation and management of tokens. It is widely used for ICOs and token sales, offering high compatibility and liquidity among various platforms and wallets. ERC-20 tokens ensure seamless token exchange and are a crucial component of the Ethereum ecosystem.

2️⃣ Nature

The token is designed to support store marketing by enabling THE9 mileage for customer marketing between stores. It is a mileage token guaranteed by the store for exchangeable goods when customers use the provided mileage at the store. Individuals can transfer or trade the token without losing it, even if they don't immediately use the mileage they hold.

3️⃣ Uses

The token serves as a means of payment and payment support at KIOSKs and supports marketing efforts for merchants who are customers of KIOSK installation and operation.

4️⃣ Expansion

It will be further expanded and utilized as a reward concept for all participants in THE9 token ecosystem, from creating and utilizing big data (e.g., KIOSK-based purchase information, sales data, product information, distribution details, and product evaluations).

5️⃣ Supporting Technology

A comprehensive support system for THE9 tokens will be established, offering one-stop support for accumulation, usage, and transactions among members. An app linked to KIOSKs will facilitate consumer usage, and a member wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange will provide related services.

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